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I've been editing for more than 25 years.

Legal books, technical books, science books, white papers, indexes, web copy, ad agency copy, fiction, cookbooks, self-help books, dissertations, newspapers, magazines . . . I've almost done it all.

I know when to bend rules to allow a writer to say something in a new and creative way. But I also know the rules that are not negotiable, the rules that have been established to ensure clear communication.

How I can help you

I edit your copy for grammar, punctuation, general style, and readability. I look for errors in fact and in sense. I am the eyes of your audience.

No matter what you have written, I can help you fine-tune it to suit your audience. Whether I am editing, copyediting, or proofreading, I put all my effort into making your document accurate and readable.

I also reach every deadline. Consider me a tolerant perfectionist.

Make sure your readers aren't confused by what you think you've written.


How can I help you make your message clear?

Contact me to set up a free consultation: info@rainydayrose.com



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